You will find older pictures on our other website as well as other information by clicking this link.

Terry's personal website contains more pics of past demonstrations, hunting, fishing, and other information.

We find that
Hartville Tool has the best price on tools and accessories, but their turning department is

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) is the national organization for woodturners. All
woodturners are encouraged to join the AAW.

If you turn, you should subscribe to Woodturning Design magazine. Period!

Craft Supply of Provo, Utah, USA has a lot of woodturning supplies. They are also known as

Packard Woodworks is close enough that you will get your order in one to two days! They have several
turning related items that no one else carries, such as 2030 and 2060 turning tools.

Bereah Hardwoods,The finest quality pen kits available. These people are the ones who MAKE the kits. Pen
kits, pen blanks, pen making supplies, wine bottle stopper kits, other kits, pen making tools and supplies.

Doug Thompson at
Thompson Lathe Tools has some of the best tool steel turning tools and priced very
reasonable in the medium quality price range. His tools are the best quality currently available.

David Reed Smith, Woodturner, inventor, author. Read all his articles, tools/techniques, and projects. You
will find ideas that make you say, "I wish I'd thought of that!" He has NOTHING copyrighted. He wants you
to make and share his ideas freely. Great guy!

Alan Lacer Woodturning. Alan is THE skew man! This is the only place to buy his diamond slipstone....pricy,
but well worth it! This is also the only place you can get Alan's Ultimate Skew in 1 3/8ths inch or 5/8ths inch.

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